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Enable Two-Step Verification to Secure your Dropbox

The popular file-hosting service saw some bad press last month when user-account credentials were stolen by hackers. Dropbox has since promised to increase their security efforts and have recently rolled out the ability to enable two-step authentication. Users are encouraged to enable this to ensure the safety of their data stored on Dropbox.

It’s pretty easy to set up Dropbox’s new two-step authentication, as long as you know where to find it. Log into your Dropbox account from your web browser. When you are logged in, your name will display on the top right. Click your name and select Settings from the drop down menu.

Go to the Security tab. Towards the bottom of the screen, under Account Sign In, is the status of two-step verification. If it’s disabled, click (change) to begin the process to set it up. Click Get Started after reading Dropbox’s explanation of two-step authentication.

Dropbox will ask for your password again, just to be safe. Then you’ll be given two options; verify through text messages or verify through a mobile phone app.

If you select text message, you simply need to enter in your mobile phone number. Dropbox will send you a security code and prompt you to type it into your web browser. Once doing so, you are all set.

If you would rather use a mobile app for authentication, you have a few options. You’ll need to download theGoogle Authenticator app (available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry phones) or the Authenticator app if you have a Windows phone. Dropbox will walk you through scanning a barcode or entering in a security key manually into the app to verify it. Once verified, your app will give you a security code to plug back into the website. After that, you are done!

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