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It Finally Happened, Mobile Technology is Winning

mobile_deviceFor years, we have been watching the growing trend of mobile computing. All of us knew that one day mobile technology would overtake PC desktops, and 2014 looks to be the year when the scales finally and decisively tip in favor of mobile tech.

There are many evidences that we can point to that highlight this major shift in technology. Exhibit A, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently told the attendees of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that, “More users access Yahoo’s content on mobile devices and tablets than on personal computers.”

Mayer is in favor of this transition, claiming that “it makes connecting and trusting people easier.” Due to the newness of this mobile technology trend, we are still learning about all the benefits mobile technology offers us over personal computers, including how mobile devices can increase sales for businesses.

Here are a few more evidences that 2014 is the year mobile computing will overtake the mighty PC:

  • In 2011, smartphone and tablet sales caught up to PC sales. In 2013, smartphone and tablet sales hit 1.25 billion units, while PC sales dipped below 2011 levels with sales figures in the neighborhood of 300 million.
  • 40% of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile.
  • At the end of 2013, the mobile install base overtook the PC install base.
  • Facebook now has 945 million active monthly mobile users.
  • eBay did $25 billion in mobile transactions to close out 2013.
  • In January 2014, smartphone ownership for American adults hit 58% and it grew to 42% for tablets.
  • The big question then becomes, “So what? What does this big shift in computing mean for my business?” A trend this significant demands to be followed, and organizations that don’t make adjustments will be left behind. We think this applies to every kind of business. Even the farmer selling produce out of their truck can benefit from announcing their freshest goods and current location over social media. They can also accept payments with a mobile card reader and attach QR codes to the packaging of their products linking shoppers to informative blog articles.

    Going back to Mayer’s statement, mobile technology “makes connecting and trusting people easier.” These two mobile benefits apply to not only your personal life, but for every aspect of your business. Both greater trust and connections are possible because of how much more accessible mobile technology makes the world’s data. Customers are able to better connect with your business thanks to mobile devices. This gives consumers more opportunity to access your website, as well as interact with you in new ways from new locations. Higher levels of availability naturally foster new levels of trust that can’t be achieved by the limiting nature of desktop computers.

    This major change in how people use technology means that you will have to think of new ways your business can meet the mobile expectations of your clients and employees. It will be beneficial to revamp your IT infrastructure so that your staff can access your company’s network using mobile devices. This will increase productivity and communication.

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