Protect your livelihood and ensure you never lose access to your resources with smart planning and solutions from TMS Tech.

Reliability is the key to keeping your clients happy – and when you lose access to your data and files, or even worse, suffer a breach of your clients’ information, you’re not going to maintain that trust. We know that you need secure, reliable data backups and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your operations are never disrupted by downtime, whether it’s due to disasters, hardware issues, or cyber attacks.

TMS Tech offers solutions designed to protect your livelihood and ensure you always have access to the data and applications that your business needs to operate.

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  • Downtime or workflow disruption cripples businesses too often – all because their IT team hasn’t properly prepared them. We strategically plan and work with you to implement solutions that safeguard your future.
  • Backups of your data can occur as often as every 15 minutes, so you have peace of mind knowing that all of your work is retrievable.
  • TMS Tech provides server virtualization, so you’ll never have to worry about hardware malfunctions disrupting your workflow.
  • We know that being proactive is the best approach to keeping your business safe; to ensure that your data is secure no matter what type of disaster occurs, TMS Tech encrypts and archives your data at our two off-site data centers.
  • You can’t risk losing the trust of your clients, and tarnishing your reputation with the public. Downtime results in diminished productivity and lost wages, and when your client data is compromised you could be hit with crippling lawsuits. We ensure you’re secure, protected, and always able to continue working.

Let TMS Tech get you set up with comprehensive and reliable data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Get in touch with us at or (800) 519-1872 .