Email security is vital for every company and TMS Tech knows and specializes in providing all the safeguards your company requires to protect your email from a broad range of potential cyber attacks.

TMS Tech consultants understands that one of the most vulnerable points of entry that cybercriminals use to hack into your site or introduce malware is through your email. We provide in-depth cost effective methods and around the clock security so this vital form of company communications is fully protected.

Email Security Services

The levels of email protection that we offer is extensive and provides comprehensive security solutions which include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring – Provides constant email monitoring and all incoming files and attachments for virus detection virus detection
  • Live Filtering – Identifies and eliminates access to any potentially malware infected websites
  • Advanced Spam Filtering – Uses advanced filters to reduce and removes an array of spam that may contain potential malware threats
  • Automatic Malware Quarantine – Any malware or viruses which may be introduced are automatically quarantined to eliminate and isolate potential threats
  • Smart Email Labels – Modifies and customizes your specific customized filtering policies
  • Automated Email Back-Up – Preserves all your important emails, and which are saved to the cloud for easy restoration.
  • Regular Updates – Provides updated and current email security patches to protect against all current threats
  • Password Management Systems – Manages your use of passwords to provide extra layers of security
  • Employee Education – Instructs employees on safe email and Internet security procedures

TMS Tech consultants can provide you with the email security your company needs to be secure.

Phone us at (800) 519-1872 or email us at and let us show you how to protect your vital email communications.