Improve your business with greater insight into web traffic patterns thanks to innovative services from TMS Tech.

Knowing what your clients, or potential future clients, are looking for is crucial. With InSite ID, you’re able to gain greater insights into your web traffic statistics. InSite ID provides powerful analysis tools that offer you information about your visitors, including:

  • Pages they viewed
  • Their location
  • The company they’re surfing your website from

You’re able to track and run reports based on usage of keywords, pay-per-click results, and visitor data. Get in touch with TMS Tech; we’ll help you leverage the full power of InSite ID to improve your operations and optimize your website.

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You benefit from wide range of features, including:

  • Ability to obtain end client information
  • Ability to track page views
  • Analyzing page views per visitor
  • Identifying entry and exist pages
  • Monitoring visitor duration per page
  • Viewing search engine performance
  • Capturing keyword usage & identifying top 10 keywords
  • Identifying SEO effectiveness
  • Mapping users according to region or city
  • Tracking demographic interests
  • Ability to focus marketing on location stats

With greater insight into your demographics and web views, we’re able to optimize your website to ensure you’re catering to the right audience and getting your message across in the most effective way possible.

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