You Guys Rock!!! Good Morning, I would like all of you at TMS to know that we here at U.S.VETs – Riverside really appreciate all that you guys have done to fix our I.T. issues here. I’m not saying that everything is perfect because we still have small issues that come up from time to time but what system doesn’t. It’s a thousand percent better than it was and for that – thank you. But my main reason for this email is to inform you of the great service and attention to detail that Mr. Erich Fischer has showed us. This man takes the time to listen to our needs, understands our issues and makes them a reality in real time. I cannot praise enough the professionalism Mr. Fischer has shown us at all times. Again I want to thank you and especially Erich Fischer for your professionalism and prompt response to any issue we have had and I would like to add – YOU GUYS ROCK!