TMS Tech helps your business leverage the full power of the cloud to cut costs and improve your operations.

You can’t have a conversation about modern business technology without discussing the cloud. Not only does it provide the mobility and freedom that employees long for, but it also helps to cut costs and make life easier. That’s why TMS Tech offers a wide range of cloud services; we work to ensure your business is always thriving and running smoothly.

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  • VoIP – Improve communication while saving money compared to typical phone systems; with VoIP business phones, you gain innovative and easy ways to stay connected, no matter where your work takes you. You’re able to plug in and place or receive calls anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Hosted Exchange – With Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you gain unparalleled mobility and freedom. You’re able to check email and remain accessible from your desktop, smartphone or tablet, any time.
  • Hosted SharePoint – Improve collaboration with seamless and secure file sharing. Management of time and projects is made easier than ever, and you’re able to securely communicate important events and tasks with your team.
  • Spam & Antivirus – comprehensive spam protection and antivirus solutions ensure your network is secure, so you have peace of mind knowing that your operations will never be crippled.
  • Email Archiving – The benefits of email archiving are endless; we help you lower your storage costs while addressing regulatory compliance. You’re able to easily search through your inbox and monitor emails to better address HR policies.

Get in touch with TMS Tech at or (800) 519-1872 to discuss the best and most effective cloud services for your business.