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Windows XP gets the Axe from Microsoft


On October 22 2010 Microsoft ceased sales for windows XP as it has ened it’s Lifecycle. However Microsoft will continue support unitl April 2014 on service pack 3 or greater.

If you are like most windows XP users you have been using the product for a long time – with good reason, XP has been one of windows most stable operating systems in teh windows line – it now may be the time to finally migrate to the new Windows 7.

I personally have been using Windows & for several months now – I have found it to be as reliable or better than XP, It search functions are massivly improved and there are several other features that have really made teh windows 7 experince an enjoyable one.

xp axeMicrosoft recently ceased sales of teh popular Operating System (OS) – the last day to purchase was on October 22, 2010. Microsoft is now dedicating the majority of its resources to its latest OS, Windows 7. While XP will continue support until April 2014, thats les than 4 years from now, and Microsoft is recommending users switch to windows 7.

As for compatibility issues, Microsoft assures thatmost programs that work with XP also work on Windows 7. “Windows 7 is designed to be compatible with the most popular hardware and software products you use everyday. Thousands of these will work fine” reads an FAQ entry on their website. There is also the windows 7 Compatibility center, where you can check programs to ensure they will work on the new Microsoft OS.

If you are contiplating switching to Windows 7 or just have questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer any questions and or customize a plan for your business’s smooth transition to Microsoft’s Window 7 OS.